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Jurisdictions news

15.02.2023 The EU has updated the list of non-cooperating jurisdictions

The EU has decided to add four jurisdictions to the list of EU jurisdictions that do not cooperate for tax purposes: the British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, the Marshall Islands and Russia

14.02.2023 The Bahamas is coming out of the gray zone

The Government of the Bahamas has submitted to the House of Assembly a bill to update the regime of the economic essence of the company.

13.02.2023 Argentina has updated the list of non-cooperating countries

In accordance with Decree 48/2023 (Decreto 48/2023), the Argentine Tax Administration (Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos, AFIP – Approx.) announced the exclusion of 15 jurisdictions from the government's list of low-tax jurisdictions.

07.02.2023 Australia Federal Court split on

The Full Federal Court of Australia has, in part, allowed the Australian Tax Authority's appeal in the Springer case, involving transactions between a discretionary trust with a corporate trustee, a corporate beneficiary wholly owned by the trustee and the trust's beneficiary and principal.

01.02.2023 EU members did not meet the deadline?

Fourteen EU member States have missed the official deadline set for the implementation of the provisions of Council Directive (EU) 2021/514 (DAC7) into national legislation.

30.01.2023 Failure to prevent a crime is also a crime

The bill on economic crime and corporate transparency, which is currently being debated in the UK House of Commons, will add an additional crime as "failure to prevent fraud".

26.01.2023 EU fights shell companies

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution that establishes rules preventing the misuse of front organizations for tax purposes, as well as strengthening the fight against tax evasion.

25.01.2023 Google forced to share technology?

The Department of Justice, together with the attorneys general of six US states, filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google because of numerous cases of monopolization of digital advertising products.

23.01.2023 Germany for foreigners?

The country's Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock announced new visa reforms that should attract more foreign workers to fill the labor shortage in key German industries.

16.01.2023 FATCA is inferior to foreign banks

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has granted temporary benefits to foreign financial institutions (FFI) that must report the taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) of their American clients in accordance with the Foreign Account Control Act (FATCA).

13.01.2023 Greece has raised the minimum investment level for a residence permit

Greece has raised the minimum investment level for a residence permit

12.01.2023 HMRC has introduced a new system of VAT penalties

His Majesty's Office of Taxation and Customs of the United Kingdom has published guidance on a new regime of VAT penalties for late submission of a declaration or late payment of tax, which came into force on January 1, 2023.

09.01.2023 Montenegro has published lists of "honorary citizens"

The Government of Montenegro has published the names of 1,072 foreigners who have received "honorary citizenship" in recent years.

29.12.2022 Should journalists have access to registers of beneficiaries?

The Finance Ministers of the EU member States have agreed on a position on the Sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD) proposed by the European Commission (EC) and the corresponding regulation imposing control over money laundering (AML) directly on the member states.

26.12.2022 Armenia expects more IT specialists

The Armenian Parliament has approved a law on extending tax benefits for start-up IT companies. The benefits were first introduced in 2015 and include exemption from corporate income tax (0% rate) and a reduced rate (10%) of income tax for employees

23.12.2022 The US Department of Justice forced the Danish bank to admit guilt

Danske Bank, one of the largest banks in Denmark, agreed to reimburse US$ 2 billion and pleaded guilty to complete the US investigation into fraud against American banks.

21.12.2022 Program for identifying tax evaders on income from British real estate

Owners of British real estate through offshore companies should expect a "letter of happiness" from the British Tax Service (HMRC) in the near future.

16.12.2022 Switzerland raises VAT

The Swiss Federal Tax Office has published updated guidance on VAT rates, confirming that rates will be increased from January 1, 2024 as a result of a public referendum held in September.

15.12.2022 The UAE has defined the criteria for tax residency

In the UAE, the criteria for recognizing a person as a tax resident have finally been determined.

13.12.2022 SEC Declared FTX Fraud

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has officially accused the founder of one of the largest FTX crypto exchanges of deceiving investors.

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