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Will the United States declare crypto exchanges as money laundering centers?

						FinCEN (The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the US Treasury Department – Approx.) plans to declare cryptocurrency mixers as "money laundering centers" that threaten national security. 

This form of sanction will require the services to provide special reporting on any financial transactions.

FinCEN estimates that "the percentage of convertible virtual currency transactions processed by mixers and originating from likely illegal sources is increasing."

To a greater extent, the US authorities are concerned about the use of digital currencies by cybercriminals and terrorists.

Earlier, the Biden administration was called upon by American lawmakers to take decisive action to limit illegal cryptocurrency activities.

Following this, Elizabeth Warren, a member of the US Senate Banking Committee, published an article in The Wall Street Journal, where she stated that DeFi companies "must comply with the same anti-money laundering rules as banks."

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