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The Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands are very exotic and very often they are a choice hard-to-get-to for the tourists, wishing to get some rest from the civilized world and visit one of the coral lagoon islands of Micronesia. Very friendly population lives in this region, here are very beautiful shores, famous with their rich underwater life and amazing undersea landscapes.

Marshall Islands are well known as one of the Pacific offshore jurisdictions. The Marshall Islands Associations Law, adopted in 1990 was elaborated after corporate law of American Delaware and New-York states and enriched with the properties of the tax free jurisdictions such as share due barrier, fax copies registration and execution of the documents without notary certification.
  • There are no particular requirements on the financial accountability however to reflect the company’s finances it is necessary to keep the appropriate documents.
  • The government provides the offshore companies with high level of confidentiality.
  • According to the legislation the offshore companies can be established in the manner of American or English companies.
  • Marshall Islands offer one of the most advanced tax free corporate programs.


The Companies are exempt from all the taxes and duties.

Currency control

No control.

Confidential information

The register of shareholders and directors, information on the real company owners can be revealed only by the court decision.

Prohibited activities

It is prohibited to carry the deals with the residents of Marshall islands, possess the real estate and carry on business.

Company registration

Marshall Islands signed an exclusive agreement with one company, licensed for all nonresident companies’ incorporation. When the company’s title is approved the company can be incorporated in accordance with the standard Statute on incorporation.

Authorized fund

The company’s registered fund is authorized; there are no requirements on the obligatory payment and fixing the minimal and maximal fund’s amount. The issue of bearer shares is possible.

Agreement on double taxation avoidance

There are no agreements on double taxation avoidance.

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