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Jurisdictions news

09.08.2021 A new CFC notification form approved
The Tax Service has updated the notification form for controlled foreign companies.

29.07.2021 European Hollywood?
The Spanish government expects to turn the country into a "European Hollywood

12.07.2021 Bitcoin is preparing for a sharp increase
Bitcoin is ready for a major price movement, analyst Will Clemente believes.

05.07.2021 Tax reform on a global scale
130 countries have agreed about introducing of a worldwide tax for technology corporations of at least 15 percent.

02.07.2021 Goodbye second passport
On the 1 of July, 2021, laws came into force prohibiting Russian civil servants from having double citizenship or a residence permit.

30.06.2021 FATF to strengthen supervision of beneficial ownership
The FATF (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering – approx.) is considering the possibility to amend Recommendation 24 on transparency and beneficial owners of legal entities in order to tighten it.

25.06.2021 Malta is included into the "gray" list
On the next meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the participants of the meeting voted to add Malta to the "gray list".

17.06.2021 Global Law Reform in Cyprus
By the end of 2025, the Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus must approve 51 draft laws to receive 1.2 billion euro from the EU for economic recovery after pandemic.

01.06.2021 Multinational companies will disclose information
The EU has agreed on rules that will compel large multinational companies to publicly disclose information about where they record profits and pay taxes.

31.05.2021 EU freezes investment agreement with China
The European Parliament rejected the ratification of a comprehensive investment cooperation agreement with China due to sanctions imposed by Beijing against EU representatives.

27.05.2021 Ireland against the introduction of a single corporate tax
US President Joe Biden's proposal for a 15% global minimum tax has been met with resistance from Ireland.

20.05.2021 EU attracts highly skilled workers
It will become easier for highly qualified workers from the third countries to obtain a work permit in the European Union.

13.05.2021 Tesla has stopped selling electric cars for bitcoins
American electric car manufacturer Tesla has suspended accept of bitcoins as a means of payment due to the non-ecological way of obtaining this cryptocurrency.

05.05.2021 Tax reform on a global scale
130 countries have agreed about introducing of a worldwide tax for IT corporations of at least 15 percent

29.04.2021 Disconnection from SWIFT?
On April 28, the European Parliament published a project of resolution in which, among other sanctions against the Russian Federation, there was a proposal to disconnect from the international system SWIFT.

28.04.2021 Is Apple a monopolist?
The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russian Federation imposed a turnover fine of more than $ 12 million on Apple Inc. for abusing its leading position in the mobile application market.

16.04.2021 Bitcoin has become cheaper
The Central Bank of Turkey declared all operations with cryptocurrency illegal, which is why the value of bitcoin fell to $ 61 thousand.

12.04.2021 Unified corporate tax?
The finance ministers of the G20 countries have previously supported the idea of introducing a single minimum corporate tax rate worldwide. Earlier, the head of the US Treasury made such a proposal.

26.03.2021 Keeping Track of Your Sales Online

The European Parliament has decided to amend Directive 2011/16/EU on administrative cooperation in the field of taxation (DAC7).

23.03.2021 Synthesized Tax Convention with Great Britain Has Been Published

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has published a synthesized version of the double taxation convention with the United Kingdom on its website.

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