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Jurisdictions news

14.01.2022 Interactive Brokers make you pay?
The American broker Interactive Brokers introduces a fee to cover the costs of "careful examination and evaluation" of a suspicious account.

22.12.2021 Google tax did not meet expectations
Six European countries have already announced that they will abandon the digital services tax, known as the Google tax. It turned out that he did not bring the treasury the expected income.

13.12.2021 Cyprus raises taxes
Next year, Cyprus will continue to carry out tax reform: the corporate tax rate will be increased and the so-called "green" taxation will be introduced to achieve environmental goals.

06.12.2021 American broker allowed to rest in Crimea
The American brokerage company Interactive Brokers (hereinafter referred to as "IB") has unfrozen the accounts of clients blocked three months ago due to their trips to the Crimea.

02.12.2021 New shocking Predictions from Saxo Bank
Saxo Bank annually publishes "Shocking Predictions" that are not official forecasts and describe hypothetically possible future events. Traditionally, Danish Saxo Bank has published "shocking forecasts" for 2022.

11.11.2021 Mavrodi alive?
Former auto mechanic Jeff Karpoff sentenced to 30 years in prison in the United States for creating a $1 billion pyramid scheme.

10.11.2021 Bulgaria will say "no" to granting citizenship for investment
In the Bulgarian newspaper "Sega" there was an article about the possible cancellation of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship under the program of investment into the country's economy.  

09.11.2021 UK raises corporate tax
In the UK, starting from 2023, the corporate tax of 19% will increase up to 25% for companies with an income of more than 250 thousand pounds per year.

08.11.2021 FATF tightened supervision measures over digital assets
The FATF has published an updated Guide on Working with Digital Assets and Virtual currencies (Risk-Based Approach for Virtual Assets and Virtual Asset Service Providers, VASP), the first version of which released in 2019.

28.10.2021 New FATF "grey List"
The Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) has announced that it is removing Mauritius and Botswana from its "grey list".

21.10.2021 Samsung violates patent law?
The Korean company Samsung Electronics and its Russian subsidiary have been banned from selling 61 smartphone models in Russia.

11.10.2021 Twitter will be forced to pay
The Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP) has started collecting three fines totaling 8.9 million rubles from the social network Twitter, it follows from the information in the data bank of enforcement proceedings on the FSSP website.

04.10.2021 Has Pandora's Box been opened?
About 35 current and former executives and more than 300 civil servants from around the world appear in another information leak about offshore companies.

23.09.2021 Is default possible in the USA?
The unwillingness of legislative bodies in the United States to raise the debt ceiling may lead to default.

21.09.2021 Tinkov agreed with the USA
Businessman Oleg Tinkov was agreed with the US Department of Justice to settle tax claims.

17.09.2021 Malta hopes to leave the FATF grey list
In June, the FATF has included Malta into the grey list of countries that are not doing enough to stop the flow of illegal funds.

03.09.2021 FAS fined by 1.3 billion rubles
The Federal Antimonopoly Service has fined for 1.3 billion rubles for misuse of a dominant position at the market.

20.08.2021 Google was fined again
The magistrate's court of the Tagansky district of Moscow fined the American corporation Google another six million rubles for refusing to delete prohibited information.

13.08.2021 Amazon fined a record €746 million
Amazon was fined 746 million euros. The European Privacy Watchdog has revealed that the processing of personal data in the online store does not comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

10.08.2021 Financial bubble at US securities market
Richard Bernstein, the head of the Bernstein investment company, warned investors about the risks in the valuable market

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