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26.10.2011 Agreement in tax sphere between Netherlands and Hong Kong has come into force
Signed in March 2010 double taxation avoidance agreement between Hong Kong and Netherlands came into force on the 24th of October current year.

25.10.2011 Netherlands introduces tax breaks in 2012
Dutch State Secretary for Finance declared that companies that did their business in innovative developments sphere would get certain tax breaks in 2012. Such a measure is introduced as the state support and incentive in innovative field.

24.10.2011 Labuan is improving economic indicators
The Chief Executive has declared that Labuan is increasing its attractiveness as a financial business center.

21.10.2011 Greece will receive another tranche
At the beginning of November current year Greece again must be provided with financial assistance in the amount of USD 8bln. The creditor as earlier is the "big three" - the IMF, the EU and the ECB.

20.10.2011 In Russia VAT is not imposed on outsourcing services rendered by foreign companies
Quite often organizations registered in Russia use in doing its business outsourcing services provided by both foreign and Russian companies.

19.10.2011 Netherlands and Russia are moving to a new stage of cooperation
Today the Prime Minister of the Netherlands has come to Moscow with a visit. The purpose of the trip is to strengthen economic and trade relations between the powers.

18.10.2011 Irish economics is improving
In comparison with other countries affected by the crisis (e.g. Spain, Italy) Ireland has significantly improved its economic situation.

17.10.2011 EU needs to hold legislative reforms
Recently the ECB President declared about the necessity of changes in existing legislation of the European Union.

14.10.2011 Andorra changes taxation
Recently the head of the Andorran government has confirmed the plan of taxation change of the state.

13.10.2011 Tax information exchange agreement (TIEA) between Canada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines has entered into force
TIEA between Canada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines that was concluded last year (22 June 2010) cane into force on 4 October 2011.

12.10.2011 Can Russia play the role of a saver?
Today officials confidently declare that if necessary Russia is ready to assist Europe to solve urgent problems connected with the debt crisis way out.

11.10.2011 Rescue Plan for European banks.
At the moment the plan of recapitalization of banks in Europe as a means of crisis overcoming in the euro zone is being developed.

10.10.2011 British banks rate has noticeably declined
Recently the rate of several leading British banks (Lloyds TSB Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander UK, Co-Operative Bank, Nationwide Building Society and other smaller ones) has significantly declined.

07.10.2011 Switzerland and India signed a cooperation agreement
The officials of India and Switzerland have recently signed a "memorandum of understanding."

06.10.2011 Germany confidently holds its position in the crisis
Germany maintains its position in the crisis period that is throughout Europe.

05.10.2011 Portugal is not going to increase taxes
Portugal is one of European states which most of all felt negative effect of the crisis.

04.10.2011 Tax burden is planned to increase in Brazil
Disappointing news for foreign investors has been brought by the discussion of officials in Brazil concerning taxation in the state.

03.10.2011 Austria and Slovenia: a new stage of relations development
The DTA agreement has been resigned between Austria and Slovenia.

30.09.2011 Europe is increasing the volume of the financial stability fund.
To fight with the prolonged crisis all the European forces are thrown.

29.09.2011 Ireland has strengthened its economy.
Recently economic indicators of Ireland have been noticeably improved.

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