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Now it is possible for 50 thousand dollars

						The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has been increased the limit on transferring money abroad fivefold — up to 50 thousand dollars.

Transfers can be made from your account in Russian bank to your account or to another individual abroad. These actions are available to residents of Russia, as well as non-residents from so-called “friendly” countries. Previously, the limit was 10 thousand dollars

With the help of financial organizations that transfer money without opening an account, residents and non-residents from "friendly" countries can still transfer not more than 5 thousand dollars or the equivalent in another currency within a month.

Non-residents from countries supporting sanctions, but working in Russia under labor or civil law contracts, are allowed to transfer funds from accounts in the Russian Federation abroad in rubles and currency in the amount of wages or fees for the performance of works and services and transfer them abroad without opening an account.

In addition, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has been extended the ban on transfers abroad for individuals who do not work in Russia, from countries that support sanctions, as well as legal entities from these states. They will also not allowed to withdraw money to other countries from the accounts of Russian brokers.

The restrictions will be in effect until 30 of September, 2022. The amounts are set at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on the date of the transfer.

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