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Saxo Bank has published "shocking predictions" for 2021


Denmark's Saxo Bank has published its annual "shocking predictions", which mainly concern unlikely and underestimated events, but if they happen, they threaten to have a strong impact on financial markets. Let’s look at some of them:

1. The threat of spreadi of disinformation is expected to reach a critical level next year. In this regard, the technology of the distributed registry of the blockchain network will become very important, which will make visible any change in the content, and any news will allow you to trace it to the original source. As for the false information not confirmed by other sources, it will be suppressed.

2. Growth 2021 will be marked by an awareness of the underestimation of the pace of economic growth in many countries with borderline and emerging economies. A careful analysis will show that some technologies can provide a much greater increase in productivity in the private sector there than has been observed in recent decades in developed countries, as the authors conclude. To ensure high rates of economic growth on a global scale, it is necessary to implement a breakthrough in the energy sector.

3 .The "shocking forecast" is also the" purchase " of Cyprus by the Internet giant Amazon. According to the bank, in 2021, seeing the growing hostility from officials, Amazon will move its European headquarters to Cyprus, where the giant corporation and its taxes, which will help the country reduce the debt-to-GDP ratio, will be met with a great joy. Note that now it is almost 100 %. As a result, Amazon consultants will help Cyprus rewrite the Tax Code with lower tax rates, including on profits.

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