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29.08.2023 China extends tax breaks for foreigners

The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation of China issued Joint Announcement No. 29 of 2023, announcing the extension of income tax benefits for foreign individuals.

23.08.2023 New realities of the legal services market

The American Bar Association (hereinafter referred to as the "ABA" – American Bar Association) intends to revise the internal rules of professional conduct, recognizing that lawyers are obliged to ensure that their services are not used to commit or facilitate the commission of a crime or fraud, in particular, for money laundering.

21.08.2023 Register of Beneficiaries of Spain

The rules on the implementation of the project of the central state register of final beneficial owners of Spain have been published. They will come into force on September 19, 2023.

16.08.2023 Become a dollar millionaire

Credit Suisse and UBS presented the so-called "Global Wealth Report", which reflects the assets of about 5.4 billion people.

11.08.2023 Bermuda sets tax for TNCs

The Government of Bermuda has launched a public consultation on the introduction of a new income tax that will apply to branches of large multinational companies.

10.08.2023 Turkey is close to full compliance with all AML criteria

In the next report of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) on Turkey, five recommendations on combating money laundering (AML) have been transferred from the category of partially compliant or non-compliant to the category of fully or substantially compliant.

09.08.2023 In Peru, Crypto Assets are legally Regulated

The Government of Peru has published a decree obliging virtual asset service providers to report to the country's financial intelligence unit on the prevention of money laundering.

08.08.2023 Croatia introduces public reporting

Croatia published in the Official Gazette a Law dated July 18, 2023, providing for the introduction of public country reporting.

03.08.2023 UAE improves tax supervision procedure

The Ministry of Finance of the UAE announced the adoption of Resolution No. 74 of 2023 "On the Executive Regulations of Federal Decree-Law No.

02.08.2023 Germany implements minimum global tax

The German Federal Ministry of Finance has published a bill that will introduce the EU directive on minimum taxation into domestic legislation.

28.07.2023 Israel is reforming the concept of a tax resident

The Israeli Ministry of Justice has published a bill radically changing the definition of tax residency for personal income tax purposes.

20.07.2023 Denmark denounced the tax agreement with the Russian Federation

The Kingdom of Denmark, by Note No. 27/23 dated June 19, 2023, officially notified the Russian Federation of the denunciation

19.07.2023 Ireland conducts tax reform

The Irish Government is consulting on new taxation measures that will apply to outgoing payments made in favor of related parties in countries included in the list of EU countries that do not cooperate with the EU or have low taxes.

18.07.2023 Kazakhstan has published a "white list" of CFC countries

Kazakhstan has been published Order No. 680 of June 19 approving the list of countries with a valid income tax agreement with Kazakhstan and a nominal income tax rate exceeding 75% of the Kazakhstan income tax rate.

14.07.2023 Is Common law able to regulate cryptocurrency?

The Law Commission of England and Wales has published recommendations on the reform and development of legislation related to digital assets.

10.07.2023 UnionPay bypassed Visa by debit cards

According to the international research center Nilson Report, last year the Chinese payment system UnionPay for the first time surpassed the American Visa in the debit card market: the share of transactions on its debit cards reached 40.03%, and Visa — 38.78%.

07.07.2023 BRICS don't need a common currency?

The new development bank created by the BRICS (the bloc includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) has no short-term plans to create a common currency.

04.07.2023 Millionaires choose UAE

According to the results of a study by Henley & Partners, another 4,500 millionaires may move to the Arab Emirates in 2023.

03.07.2023 Will bloggers be liable in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan has consolidated the status of bloggers and their financial liability before the law.

27.06.2023 FATF expands Grey List

At the last plenary meeting of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), it was noted that several jurisdictions have not yet met the agreed deadlines for tightening the anti-money laundering (AML) rules in accordance with the FATF recommendations.

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