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Marriage contracts

Today the realities dictate their own rules, and marriage contract conclusion for many spouses is quite a natural tendency. Marriage contract is a kind of a stable guarantee of legal relations of spouses, the basis for future relations. At the same time the marriage contract like any other civil contract is limited to such terms as may be provided therein, as well as requirements that it must meet. That is why the preparation of this document is better to give to skilled specialists in the sphere.

Marriage contract preparation has several stages:

  •       harmonization of conditions between the spouses,
  •    approval the final version,
  •    notary certification of the marriage contract.      

Harmonization of all the nuances in the preparation of the marriage contract at the initial stage is very important because it allows to solve all the other stages with minimal costs.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a compromise between the spouses, but this problem can always be solved by mutual negotiations and alternative solutions offers. Up to the present days our specialists have not faced with unsolvable problems.

 Recently, we have successfully completed another project for the conclusion of the marriage contract. We always start our work with setting goals, desires and objectives of each of the spouses, because the marriage contract should be good will of everyone. Moreover, the marriage contract should protect and provide guarantees for each spouse.

  After the week expiration our lawyers have agreed and approved with each of the spouses the final text of the conditions of the marriage contract. Successful completion was notarial certification of spouses signatures at the notary. This is really the success of the team because notaries often make comments in the text of the marriage contract, without the changes of which the text will not be notarized, which implies an additional loss of time.

Thus our lawyers are always ready to regulate the relationship between the spouses in a short time with full analysis of the exact situation. In the service for marriage contract conclusion the complete support and maintenance of clients from the beginning of the harmonization of conditions of the marriage contract and before the notarization is included. In the life there are no similar people as there are no similar situations, so each client requires individual approach.

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