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Obtaining residence permit in Switzerland


There are no special programs for residence permit obtaining for foreign citizens in Switzerland. Everyone who wishes to obtain residence permit needs to proceed individually. Only real estate purchase in the country isn't the ground for residence permit obtaining.


The variants of residence permit obtaining in this country can be divided into the following ones:


The possibility of residence permit obtaining for non EU citizens if they carry out business which is closely connected with Switzerland and has the grounds for moving to work in the country. Or there is an employer in Switzerland who can really prove that the vacancy in Switzerland can't be replaced by the EU citizen and such a vacancy should be given only to a person who has a special qualification. The consideration of application for a work takes 1 month though in some cantons this term can be increased. There is no any list of the Swiss companies which give the possibility for residence permit obtaining through work permit. On the whole that can be any company.


The cost of residence permit obtaining through the work permit in the Swiss company is EUR 15000.


The second variant is accessible for non EU citizens over 55 years who have sufficient proved connections with the country and sufficient funds for personal maintenance (the annual income is not less than 100 000 CHF). These persons don’t have the right to work they can work outside of the country, distantly operating the business. But it is necessary to understand that proving any economic, cultural, financial relations with the country sometimes is really difficult.


The best variant to obtain residence permit in Switzerland is business immigration. It is necessary to register the company on the territory of the country, be its director and give workplaces at least to 5 workers-residents. Local communities and cantons should be interested in company activity. It is a very important point. (For example, the client has the industrial sample and the patent for it, the product is in great demand, and the part of details is made in Switzerland.)

N.B. The company according to the legislation must have also resident director besides the non-resident director.


After the company registration it is possible to make application to local authorities for residence permit obtaining because of the ground that the person is the beneficiary of the company that runs business in Switzerland. That is possible before accounts submission and tax payment. The only requirement is that the company should prove the operation of real business in Switzerland (it is necessary to rent an office, employ the working staff, give detailed business plan of the company).

It is important that the company really works and takes activity on the territory of the country. Meanwhile it is necessary to rent real estate or have it in property (that will be confirmed with documents), be the director of the company, take direct part in management of its affairs and have the constant income not less than 10 000 CHF per month for the personal maintenance,  pay taxes from all incomes received in the territory of Switzerland and also have a medical insurance.


The term of application for residence permit obtaining consideration in Switzerland on the ground of business immigration is 9 months. Residence permit is given for 1 year with the subsequent prolongation. The person who has received residence permit is obliged to present physically in the territory of the country at least 181 days in a year and  pay taxes.

The cost of services is EUR 15 000 – 20 000.

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