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Interactive Brokers make you pay?

						The American broker Interactive Brokers introduces a fee to cover the costs of "careful examination and evaluation" of a suspicious account. Some investors have received corresponding notices. They told about it in the broker's unofficial Facebook group of Facebook. At the same time, the published letters indicate different amounts of fees: from $ 150 to $ 1, 4 thousand per year.

Full list of the reasons for which a fee may imposed is not provided. However, in one of the letters, for example, there is such a wording: "the fee is necessary due to the location of your account and/or other characteristics that require additional evaluation of the account." The question of whether the innovation concerns only Russian investors remains open. There were no public statements from the broker on these changes.

Interactive Brokers is one of the most popular foreign brokers among Russians due to its extensive capabilities. Clients can purchase securities that are not listed even on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange. However, in Russia, the broker does not have a license from the Central Bank to work, and therefore the Bank of Russia has included Interactive Brokers in the list of illegal companies in the financial market.

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